Job Board

To the San Diego Museum Community: As San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals has grown, we have looked to be increasingly thoughtful about the work we do.

In the interest of building a more diverse, inclusive, and fairly compensated workforce, San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals will only post positions that specify an anticipated salary range. “Commensurate with experience” will no longer be accepted.

We look to the wider field for examples, and, inspired by organizations like the University of Delaware, MuseumHack, and Rising Arts Leaders of San Diego, we have been reconsidering our policies on posting job openings. It is well-documented that the unspoken necessity of internships and volunteering in the museum field impedes diversity and inclusion, making it a field largely open only to those who can afford to work in it. It is also widely accepted that basing future wages on past compensation keeps salaries artificially low, especially for historically underpaid segments of the population. While in California the practice of requesting salary history is now illegal, this isn’t the case for all states. In light of these facts, San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals urges local boards of trustees and governmental agencies to reconsider approaches to staffing, even if it means shifting budgets or doing more fundraising. The long-term health of the museum workforce depends upon more transparency and a renewed commitment to living wages for professionals.