Dear San Diego EMP Community,

The San Diego EMP Board is once again putting out a recruitment call for candidates to join us as we embark on an entirely new board structure that encourages more collaboration between board members and provides flexibility to meet the challenges that lie ahead for our community. Rather than focusing on the recruitment of traditional executive leadership positions like we did recently, the current board will focus on recruiting board members who can commit to specific operational objectives but also provide support to one another on broader objectives for the organization. Moving forward, every board member who is recruited will now be expected to have a stronger leadership voice in the direction of San Diego EMP as a whole!

To provide support in this recruitment and restructure process, current Board President Manuel Aguilar will be assisting with the transfer of leadership responsibilities from the current board model to one where the new board can manage its own future. All of our new board members will have an equal say in creating this new future and will be making decisions that affect the overall mission, vision, and values of San Diego EMP.

If you are interested in this opportunity to become a board member, please send a cover letter and professional resume along with any inquiries to Application deadline is Friday February 26, 2021 at 11:59PM. When applying to the San Diego EMP Board we hope you will consider some of our present needs listed below and be open to discussing the variety of opportunities to join the board. Although the list below reflects what we feel our most immediate needs are, we hope to learn more about the interests of each candidate to find out whether additional roles may need to be created.

The San Diego EMP Board is currently recruiting candidates who can step into the following roles.

  • Website Administration
  • Social Media Administration
  • Online Newsletter Publication
  • Outreach Development
  • Advocacy Development
  • Financial Development

Thank you all for your time and patience with regards to our transition and we look forward to working harder to support all of you!


Your San Diego EMP Board