We are currently looking for two highly motivated and passionate professionals to lead San Diego EMP into a new future!!

2020 has been a year of deep reflection and ambitious planning for the board of San Diego Emerging Museum Professionals (San Diego EMP). With the onset of the pandemic and the acceleration of the Black Lives Matter movement we, like so many other organizations, paused to consider our role in our community. EMPs across the country are taking a stand for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are demanding fair pay, an end to biased hiring and institutional racism, and a reckoning with the role of museums. As an organization that exists to serve these EMPs, it is only right that we follow your courageous lead in seeking change for our field. 

At our two-day retreat this summer, the San Diego EMP board created an ambitious new set of goals that prioritizes inclusion, diversity, and equity through advocacy, partnerships, and a radically different roster of programs. As we look toward next year, it is with a renewed excitement for the potential of our field and a commitment to support our members more strongly, loudly, and inclusively than ever before. 

To achieve this vision, we are seeking a diverse new roster of passionate leaders who can push these goals further towards creating the next generation of San Diego EMP’s. The first phase of this vision will focus on the recruitment of a new Board President and Board Vice President. Once filled, these roles will lead the rest of the recruitment process, including the filling of positions on our Executive Board and multiple committees. We are seeking voices from all throughout the museum field so, if you care about your role in the museum field and the role of Emerging Museum Professionals in our communities, we are calling out to you to apply!

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