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February 23: Personal to Political, Defining Advocacy

February 23 | 5:30 – 7 PM | 57 Degrees

Join us for a facilitated conversation by Emerging Museum Professional Dia Bassett, covering the topic of advocacy! We will be discussing how we define advocacy, from the personal to the political. Some of the questions we will talk about include: What does advocacy mean to you? How do I advocate for myself as an emerging museum/arts/culture professional? How do we advocate for the future of our industry in this new political climate?

We’ve collected some articles written by those established in the arts as well as by some emerging professionals to scratch the surface of these advocacy challenges.

Check out the selected articles if you can. If not, come anyway and join the conversation!

EPIP Conference Reflections by Martin Furey:

Emerging Museum Professionals: The Next Radical Change Makers by Holly Godward:

To Fund or Not To Fund Shouldn’t Be The Quesiton by George Stelluto:

This event will be held at 57 Degrees, where we can sip on wine and compare notes! Come out and be a part of it!

Let us know you’ll be there!


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